Our Story

A Traditional Firm with a Contemporary Feel
Our Firm was founded in 1899. Since then, the world has seen a lot of changes, and so has our Firm. We have come a long way of development and evolution, from a family to an institutional full service firm. Ever since, our core values have remained unchanged.

The Firm was founded by Baltasar Brum, Domingo Arena, and Asdrúbal Delgado. The first two devoted their life to politics (Baltasar Brum was president of Uruguay between 1919 and 1923) and Asdrúbal Delgado continued to practice as a lawyer. He then partnered with his son in law, the late Conrado H. Hughes, father of Conrado Hughes Delgado, who years later joined the Firm and eventually the name Hughes & Hughes became the brand of the Firm.

Since its foundation the Firm had an international outlook, working for clients such as Shell, Colgate Palmolive, Kodak, during their setting up their business in Uruguay.
With a unique understanding of the Uruguayan market and the global legal world, we accompanied the development of our country and the region handling the toughest legal challenges and complex business deals of our national and international clients.

Over the last century, our Firm has dynamically grown to become a benchmark in the legal environment. We have encompassed long-term expertise with a modern approach to business and an updated organization. We may, therefore say, that we are a traditional firm with a contemporary feel.