Special leave for parents and relatives of people with disabilities

On January 18, Law 19.729 was published, creating two new special leaves for workers in the private sector, in addition to those regulated by Law 18.345 (leave for study, paternity, adoption, adoptive legitimation, marriage and mourning).1. Special leave ...

Promoting Employment for People with Disabilities

Recently, the Executive Branch approved Law No. 19,691 on the promotion of work for people with disabilities, which came into effect last November.This Law is applicable to employers of private sector that have 25 or more permanent workers.Read our full ...

Regulation of Sustainable Use of Plastic Bags

Uruguay regulates plastic bags, including charging forits use.

Local Tax Certificate

What is the Local Tax Certificate? Which are its effects? Is it mandatory? Why is it important to request it? We analyze all these issues in our new report.

New regulation on Insurance Contracts

On November 18, 2018, Act No. 19,678 entered into force introducing substantial changes in the matter.