New report by H&H regarding recent Act which modifies Corporations` regime

A continuación se presenta un nuevo informe elaborado por Hughes & Hughes.

Legalization of documents will be easier as from October

As a result of the ratification of The Hague Apostille Convention which simplifies circulation of public documents, H&H prepared the following report H&H prepared the following report.

Hughes & Hughes helps Australian set sights on Uruguay oil

Hughes & Hughes Abogados has helped Australia´s Petrel Energy invest in a petroleum exploration block in Uruguay, the latest company to join the hunt for oil in Uruguay.SEI turned to Paul F. Arrighi Abogados on the deal that was announced at the ...

LNG Regasification Plant Project

The Uruguayan Government has launched the first stage for the implementation of aproject for the design, financing, construction and operation & maintenance (for atleast 15 years) of a LNG regasification plant, including the construction of thenecessary ...

The Apostille will enter into force in Uruguay as from October 14, 2012

A continuación se presenta News Alert a propósito de la implementación de la convención de La Haya sobre la Apostilla.