Act N°. 19.535 - Accountability Act year 2016.

It was published in the Official Gazette the Act No.19.535 of Accountability Act for the year 2016.

New Requirements for Investment Advisers

Implementación de nuevos requerimientos de información periódicaCon fecha 18 de agosto el Banco Central del Uruguay emitió la Comunicación 2017/151 por medio de la cual impone nuevos requerimientos de información periódica a los asesores de inversión.La ...

Bill of Accountability Act

Last June 20th, the Government sent to the Parliament the Bill of Accountability Act for the year 2016, which contains –as usual in every Accountability Act – several changes in tax matters.

Registry of Beneficial Owners, Shareholders and Other Nominative Securities´Holders

Act N°19.484 of International Tax Transparency and its regulatory decree, dated June26th, 2017, set forth the obligation of identifying andcommunicating the beneficial owner of certain companies and entities, as wellas shareholders and other nominative ...

Tax Inspections: Basic guide

Tax Inspections: Basic guide