Hughes & Hughes has become the exclusive Uruguayan member of the new innovative legal service Change Board Member

Hughes & Hughes became the sole member for Uruguay of ChangeBoardMember.com (CBM) a legal platform that helps lawyers and companies to ease the process of changing board members. 

With over 20 years of combined legal experience and more than 50 partners on board, the international online platform ChangeBoardMember.com (CBM) is committed to simplify and innovate the way lawyers and companies access legal information. Hughes & Hughes brings an open door for CBM users to a new jurisdiction, expanding both firms’ reach. 

Coordinating legal operations that take place across borders is no easy task - it requires a deep understanding of local legal standards and language variations, seamless planning and a synchronized execution. CBM offers a practical and innovative solution: Not only does the service provide legal professionals with a complete overview on how to change board members across different jurisdictions, it also increases efficiency by optimizing timing and coordination.