Global Networks

Despite the Firm’s having no formal ties with any foreign firm on exclusivity bases, with the purpose of providing each client the best possible help depending on his specific needs, we have an excellent relationship and close links with the top US, European, and regional law firms.
H&H's lawyers actively participate in important local and international associations, where they exchange and have access to information and contacts that allow them to adapt promptly to the accelerated changes of today´s business world.

  • A non-exclusive international network of top-tier independent law firms practicing in the world's financial and commercial centers. This brings a valuable perspective and proven track record of experience, especially to those clients whose business requires coordinated and integrated cross-border regulatory, litigation and transactional services.
  • Chambers emphasized the fact that this strengthens our Firm's performance and is beneficial to those clients requiring coordination and integration of regulatory frameworks for litigation and other transnational services.