Our Firm

Who we are

Hughes & Hughes is a prestigious full-service firm that has successfully encompassed the long-term expertise with a modern, sophisticated and practical approach of the business.

Our history goes back to more than 120 years of uninterrupted professional practice acting as legal representatives and providing ongoing preventive advice, but also anticipating our clients’ future needs, business opportunities and strategic alliances.

What we do

With a unique understanding of the legal world and an up-to-date knowledge of new market and business models we play an active role in the legal and economic life of our country. Through the last century we have remained at the forefront, handling the toughest legal challenges and complex business deals of our clients. At H&H we know that flexibility and an innovative nature are the key to success in a dynamic and constantly changing global environment.

The firm has been a pioneer in advising enterprises developing activities that are new to our country and participating in multi-jurisdictional transactions.

Hughes & Hughes is fully equipped to offer a broad range of services that will meet the strategic planning needs of clients. The specialization of our professionals in different law practices is complemented by broad experience across a wide range of industries and business activities carried out by our clients.

How we do it

Business focused

We partner with our clients, and keep a close and interactive relationship that enriches our business knowledge and allows us to provide strategic, innovative and forward-thinking solutions fit to meet the challenges they face every day.

Tailored advice

Our advice is exclusively suited to each client and his business´ individual needs. In order to add real value, we need to understand the client and become their trusted advisor.

Fresh- thinking professionals

Hughes & Hughes´ professionals are known for being very professional creative solution-makers, who really get into the clients’ shoes. They challenge common ways of thinking and present our clients with cutting-edge solutions.

Innovative environment

Hughes & Hughes faces the challenges of this fast moving world with a modern, updated, and efficient organization. We tailor to changes and new trends in the different markets and support our professionals’ and clients’ needs with state of the art infrastructure and technology.

Committed to first-class client service

We are proud to know that our clients praise not only our efficiency but also the quick and easy access to our partners and associates and their responsiveness and attentiveness.


Our professionals work in a collaborative, high-performance environment. This enables them to share insights and expertise, allowing us to be one coordinated team and to deliver unique solutions to our clients.