Uruguay joins the trend of reducing the use of plastic bags

A law passed on August 8 by the Legislative declared of general interest the prevention and mitigation of the environmental impact caused by the use of plastic bags, through actions to discourage its use, promote its reuse, recycling and other forms of ...

Uruguay´s International Arbitration milestone: Parliament enacted the law on International Commercial Arbitration.

The Uruguayan Parliament approved, last July 3, 2018, the draft Law on International Commercial Arbitration. The law is based on the Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration of the United Nations’ Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). So ...

Amendments to the Regime of Identification and Communication of Beneficiaries Owners provided by Act N° 19,484

As we have previously informed, Act N° 19,484, which was regulated by Decree No. 166/017, set forth the obligation of resident entities (and in certain cases also of non-resident entities) to identify and communicate their beneficiaries owners to the ...

Main Tax News

Along this InfoTax we will proceed to review some of the most significant tax news. 

Exclusion of Panama from the list of regimes / countries with low or null taxation

Through recent Decree dated April 24, 2018 it is stated the exclusion of the Republic of Panama from the lists referred into Decrees No. 56/009 y 40/017.